Introducing Nurture Club – our biggest change yet

Earlier this week, we announced to our existing customers that things are changing at Nurture Copy.

As a quick summary, we will be changing the Nurture Copy subscription very soon. Our existing three plans (Acorn, Oak and Forest) are being streamlined into a new single offering.

This post will walk you through all of the details. So, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and let’s run through it together.

The story so far

Nurture Copy was launched in December 2020 to help digital agencies build stronger relationships with their audience.

We passionately believe in email marketing as a vehicle for growing and building relationships. It’s a great way to deliver value and bring more leads and sales to your business.

Over the last 3 years, we’ve delivered 36 months of content to our customers. I’ve looked at the word count to date, and we’re well over 200,000 words at this point, spread across emails, blog post ideas, video transcripts and more.

As well as the subscription content, we’ve also released the “Go Live Email Sequence”, which is perfect for agency owners to use after launching a new website for a client. And we’ve released three (soon to be four) Email Packs – each containing 12 emails on a specific agency topic.

Mel and I are delighted that we’ve been able to help over 400 digital agencies, solo business owners and freelancers to build and nurture better relationships.

And now we’re announcing an exciting change. We think this will be exceptionally interesting to anyone in the agency space who cares about delivering the best experience to their customers.

Why we’re changing

There are three main reasons for changing the Nurture Copy subscription. They’re led by customer feedback, user experience and also ourselves.

Over the last three years, we’ve had a little confusion from some customers about the different subscription levels. We found ourselves having to answer the same questions about the plans over and over again, so it was clear that the three different plans weren’t ideal for everyone.

From a user experience perspective, we had a couple of fantastic suggestions from existing customers about how we deliver the content. Our favourite of these was a request for the content to be easily searchable in the member’s area. We’re excited to include this in the changes we’re making.

Finally, Mel and I want to make the Nurture Copy process easier on ourselves. We’ve struggled with some personal health issues over the last couple of years. Thankfully, we’re on the other side of them now, but we want to make the process more intuitive.

Currently, we create content over a 1-2 week period each month. With the new subscription, we’ll be releasing weekly content, allowing us to be more present with our customers, share more value and have an exciting roadmap (more on that later in the post).

Introducing… Nurture Club

So, let me introduce you to the new subscription. We’re calling it Nurture Club.

Nurture Club is our new subscription that will be available as a monthly subscription. It will also be available 2-3 times per year on a yearly basis.

Nurture Club features many elements that our customers already know and love, as well as some new features that we’re very excited about.

Here’s what every customer will get each month:

  • 5 Emails – You’ll get five pre-written email newsletters that are ready for you to season to taste and send out to your audience. These are on various topics, including Web Design, Care Plans, SEO, Copywriting, Email Marketing and more.
  • 5 Blog Post Ideas – We’ll include five blog post ideas monthly. Each blog post idea includes a suggested post title, an intro, and some thought points to get you started with writing your awesome new post.
  • 2 Bonus Tips – Our popular bonus tip videos will be returning. Each month, you’ll get two bonus tip videos on topics across the email marketing and digital agency spectrum. These are bite-sized videos designed to provide value, advice and a gentle nudge in the right direction.
  • Monthly Tutorial – The monthly tutorial video is a deeper look at a specific topic. For example, our most recent tutorial looked at how someone could set up a customer trust journey in their business through email marketing. These are usually 10-20 minutes long, depending on the topic.
  • All Previous Monthly Content – This is the big one. You’ll get access to all of the previous monthly content we’ve released through Nurture Copy between December 2020 and November 2023. Yes, that’s 288 Emails, 288 Blog Post Ideas, 72 Bonus Tip Videos and 36 Monthly Tutorials.
  • Monthly Q&A – Each month, we’ll have a monthly Q&A session. We plan to do this in a stress-free way, as Nurture Copy has a global audience spanning almost every time zone. Instead of people feeling stress or anguish that they can’t make a live video, we’ll allow people to submit questions in advance and then record a video for you. This will be available in the member’s dashboard at your own convenience.
  • Customer Facebook Group – Our customer Facebook group is a place where you can ask questions and interact with other agency owners. With the new subscription, Mel and I have a lot of extra stuff planned to add to the group, so we hope that it’ll become one of your most popular destinations.

Customers who pay annually will get everything above and also:

  • 2 Mini Courses per year – We’ll release two new mini-courses each year. These are 30-minute courses that provide educational content to help you action something in your business. The topics will be focused on email marketing and the wider digital agency space.
  • Access to the Vault – Our coveted Vault was previously only available to Forest customers who were paying $79 monthly. As part of your Nurture Club subscription, you’ll get access to everything currently in the vault, plus 2 new Vault items each month.
  • All Email Sequences – We released our first email sequence in 2023, the “Go Live Email Sequence”. It was created to help agencies that have launched a website provide a better experience to their clients. This is included as a bonus when you pay annually for Nurture Club.
  • All Email Packs – As of writing this post, we’ve released three Email Packs – Web Design, Care Plans and SEO. Each pack contains 12 pre-written emails on a specific topic, as well as bonuses. These three packs and the upcoming fourth Email Pack are included when you pay annually for Nurture Club.
  • All Future Products in the next year – You read that right. Every Email Sequence, Email Pack and digital product we release through Nurture Copy over the year of your subscription will be included for annual customers. The only things that won’t be included are group workshops or 1:1 services – I’m sure you can understand why.

Here’s a simple way to look at it in table form:

Nurture Club – Monthly

  • 5 Emails per month
  • 5 Blog Post Ideas per month
  • 2 Bonus Tip videos per month
  • Monthly Tutorial video each month
  • All previous monthly content
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Customer Facebook group

Nurture Club – Yearly

  • 5 Emails per month
  • 5 Blog Post Ideas per month
  • 2 Bonus Tip videos per month
  • Monthly Tutorial video each month
  • All previous monthly content
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Customer Facebook group
  • 2 Mini Courses per year
  • Access to the Vault
  • All Email Sequences
  • All Email Packs
  • All Future Products in the next year

All of this is available at a lower price than any of our customers are currently paying. I’ll reveal all in the next section.

Subject line: Notification of a price decrease

I was so close to using “Notification of a price decrease” as a subject line this week.

We live in a world where everything is getting more expensive. Inflation is increasing, and interest rates are rising to try and stem the tide. Every week, we all receive notifications from service providers that their rates are increasing.

But that changes today.

We’re excited to share that the pricing for Nurture Club will be lower than any customer currently pays for their Nurture Copy plan.

To put it into perspective, the Acorn, Oak and Forest plans were available for $29, $49 and $79, respectively. Annual plans were $290 / $490 / $790.

So, how much will Nurture Club be?

*drumroll, please*

Nurture Club will be priced at $20 per month.

Yearly customers can pay up-front at the same rate, so $240 total.

That’s it. A single pricing option and our lowest-ever price.

The Yearly plan will be available 2-3 times per year. It’s an exclusive option that comes with a large number of valuable extra items, so we want people to feel excited by the option.


As part of the new subscription we’re creating, we will also have a content roadmap in place.

The roadmap will help customers to expect in terms of the content we’re creating in the future.

For example, we’ll be listing the content that we plan to release, including email sequences, Email Packs, upcoming mini-courses and more.

We understand that our customers often have questions about what’s coming next, release dates and more, so we’ll be using the roadmap to answer these questions, as well as whet your appetite for what’s coming soon.

The roadmap will be available in the member’s area of the new website.

When will it be live?

We are creating a new member’s website to go alongside Nurture Club. This will replace our existing member’s website when it’s live.

Our current aim is for the full new website, including searchable content, to be live in December 2023. It’s in development at the moment. We’re getting the technology in place first and then loading it with all of the shiny content that you’ll have access to.

We will be offering the new Nurture Club subscription as of Wednesday, November 15th.

Customers who purchase before the new website is live will still get access to content. Once the new website is live, we’ll migrate them over to this, and they’ll be able to see the true power of having a shiny new member area with searchable content.

What does this mean for existing customers?

We understand that our existing customers will likely have quite a few questions, which we are happy to answer.

Existing Nurture Copy subscription customers fall into two categories – monthly and yearly.

Monthly Customers

If you’re a monthly customer with a Nurture Copy subscription, your payment in November 2023 is the last payment you’ll make on this subscription. It covers the content that you’ve received this month.

At the end of November, we’ll cancel all existing monthly subscriptions. No further payments will be due after this date.

Yearly Customers

All existing yearly subscriptions are in the process of being cancelled. You will not be rebilled at your current rate.

Customers who had renewals in November or December can start again with a Nurture Club subscription as normal. This is the majority of our yearly customers.

For customers with renewals in January and beyond, please look out for an email from us after we cancel your subscription. You may receive a pro-rated discount on a new Nurture Club subscription.

You can purchase Nurture Club next week

Nurture Club will be available as of Wednesday, November 15th next week.

We’ll launch a new page with all the details on this date. There will also be additional offers going live for Black Friday at this time.

The Yearly Nurture Club plan will be discounted from $240 to $200 as part of our launch offer. This discount will be live until midnight on Friday, December 1st. After this date, the Yearly option will be closed until the next enrollment period opens.

As a reminder, we are currently building the new member’s website. We plan that it will be live in December 2023. If you purchase Nurture Club before this time, please note that your initial access will be on our current member’s site. As soon as the new site is ready, we’ll migrate you over to it.

So, that’s everything I’ve got for you!

Mel and I are excited to share more details about Nurture Club and the big change that we’re making. We know our customers are excited, too, given the reactions to our post in the Facebook group earlier this week.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, you can ask them in our customer Facebook group or by emailing

Have an awesome day ahead!

All the best,


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  • I can’t wait to sign up! The quality you’ve delivered has been nothing short of amazing

    • Thanks for your kind words Hafsa! Mel and I are delighted to hear that you’ve enjoyed the content 🙂


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