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One of the first questions someone asks when they start email marketing is: “How can I grow my list?”

Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. So, I thought I’d share nine of my favourite methods with you in this email. Let’s get started!

1) Commit to writing awesome content

When you first start out, it can feel a bit disheartening to send emails to a small audience. Sometimes, you’ll feel like you’re shouting at clouds. However, I encourage you to stick with it.

Email marketing is a long-term strategy. Yes, it can bring very quick results, but it’s a commitment to delivering value and being awesome. Even with a small list, you have the power to greatly improve at least one person’s life or business. That should never be underestimated.

2) Reach out to existing clients

Have you let your existing clients know about your email list yet? If not, send them an email and invite them to subscribe. Your valuable emails will help their business to grow and thrive.

The first ever Vault item that we created for Nurture Club features a sequence of emails that you can send to your existing clients, letting them know all about your email newsletter.

3) Add opt-in forms to your blog posts

At the end of each blog post on your website, give your readers an opportunity to take the next step. If they really enjoyed reading your blog content, they could be motivated to sign up for your list.

You can set this up as a global element or form so that it’s automatically added to the end of each blog post you publish. Once you’ve done that, you now have an easy way to bring engaged readers to your email list.

4) Create content upgrades

A content upgrade is an additional piece of content you can offer at the end of your blog posts in exchange for a reader’s name and email address. It could be a checklist, worksheet, PDF, video or something else.

The content upgrade delivers additional value and is designed to help your reader to take action. After you’ve delivered the content upgrade, you can invite the subscriber to join your email newsletter.

5) Set up marketing funnels

Marketing funnels are a fantastic option for generating leads for your business. In exchange for signing up, your new lead receives valuable content that helps with a specific problem.

If you haven’t yet set up a marketing funnel on your website, don’t forget that Mel and I also run Funnel Packs. There are over 20 different marketing funnels available for digital agencies, designers and marketers.

6) Add a link in your email signature

This is a simple step. Open up your email signature and add a link to your email newsletter’s signup page. Now anyone that receives an email from you, has the opportunity to see the signup link and join your email list.

7) Share value on social media

If your brand is active on social media, create content that promotes your email newsletter from time to time. You can share a few tips or thought points and then encourage people to sign up.

A good reference point for a creator who excels in doing this is Justin Welsh. Look at how he promotes the newsletter that he sends out every week.

8) Set up a referral program

A referral program encourages your subscribers to share your newsletter with others. In exchange for sharing, they’re able to receive rewards. For example, you might offer a free website audit if someone shares your newsletter with 5 others.

There are platforms that offer this type of service, such as Sparkloop. Their pricing starts at $99/m, so it’s not a low-cost option for getting started. However, you can find options where Sparkloop is included, such as through ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan.

9) Use paid ads

Paid ads are an option for people who want to get quick eyeballs onto their newsletter. It’s not a place I would recommend starting with growth, but it’s definitely something that can help accelerate growth in the future.

You can send visitors directly to your newsletter signup page, or you can show them some of your best blog content (where you have content upgrades).

The nine options I’ve shared with you today should give you plenty of options to drive more signups to your email newsletter.

Why not block out a few minutes to action a few of these over the next week?

Also, if you haven’t yet joined Nurture Club, I have some good news. Kyle from The Admin Bar asked us nicely if we would reopen the yearly offer. 

It’s available to purchase until midnight on Monday next week. So head over to the Nurture Club page if it’s something you want to be part of.

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

You’re awesome,


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