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The content landscape is changing.

Processes improve, new ideas are formed, and some people even turn to AI tools.

Unfortunately, this wave of content has led to ‘flooded inbox syndrome’. Your inbox is oversaturated with marketing messages from every website you’ve ever given a passing glance.

What do you think when I ask: “How do you stand out?”

You may believe that “standing out” comes from having the most attention-grabbing, loudest and shiniest newsletter out there — the one with the MySpace sparkles and subject lines that demand curiosity.

While it’s true that good subject lines are crucial, they’re often used incorrectly. The sender uses a subject line that promises something great, but the email only delivers generic content. I like to affectionately name it ‘the sea of blah’.

So, how do you truly stand out? What makes you different from everyone else?


Sharing your personality and being yourself is the biggest way that you can stand out in the sea of blah. Be that shimmering island in the middle of an endless ocean.

The human element will always outshine flashy marketing content. People want to read words from other people, real human beings. They don’t want to hear from a robot. Robots don’t have a personality, they don’t have a soul, and they’re incapable of sharing what’s inside you.

Email marketing is a process of connecting with your readers.

Yes, of course, there are times when you’ll want to sell your products or services. That is an important part of email marketing since you’re running a business and want to generate revenue.

But you can sell by being human.

Share your thoughts, feelings, the good things and the bad things. This is what resonates with people. They like to see and experience the journey with you.

This is what we try to infuse into the Nurture Copy content that we create for you. We try to give your readers opportunities to resonate. Human-based copy is paramount to us.

Sharing stories and being your true self will help your subscribers to relate to you. I bet you have a ton of experiences that your subscribers would love to read.

It doesn’t need to be anything flashy. You don’t need to regale them with a tale about fighting off seven ninjas with a banana as your only weapon. It just needs to be relatable.

And remember, never care if someone unsubscribes when you’re being a human. It’s easy to take it to heart, but they’re doing you a favour. They’re letting you know that you can spend more time focusing on the subscribers who are passionate about what you do.

You don’t need to be the world’s greatest storyteller. Most email marketers aren’t, and even those who are didn’t start that way. They just opened up their email software, started writing, and adapted over time to share more of what their audiences love.

Much love,


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