Web Design Email Pack

12 pre-written newsletter emails on the topic of Web Design

You just need to press send

We provide great content on a monthly basis that helps people just like you to nurture their audience and build better relationships.

Since launching in December 2020, we’ve had a number of people reach out and ask if we’d consider writing emails on one specific service.

Unfortunately, that’s not something we can cater for with a subscription. Our subscribers receive a range of content each month, covering different services and ideas.

This year, we had some time to consider the options available. So we’re bringing to you, for the first time ever, a pack of email newsletters on the topic of Web Design.

12 emails equates to 3 month’s worth of email content, if you’re sending one out each week to your audience. You could use these as a standalone option, but they’re even better when you mix them in with content from your Nurture Copy™ subscription.

Each email is between 400-800 words in length, with a total of 7,256 words across the 12 emails in the Web Design Email Pack.

These emails are unique to the Web Design Email Pack and will never feature in our monthly subscriptions.

When you purchase, you’ll receive all of the emails ready to send. Although, as always with our content, you can edit or tweak each email to suit your personality, your business and your audience.

What would 12 newsletter emails on Web Design topics be worth to you? Matt asked a few of our customers and the replies ranged from $100 – $350 in total.

We’re not going to charge you that. You can get access to the Web Design Email Pack today for just $99.

Scroll down, click the purchase button to lock in your discount and be one of the first people to get your hands on these shiny new emails!

What are the email topics?

As you’d imagine, each of the 12 emails in the Web Design Email Pack are on topics related to Web Design.

Here’s a list of the 12 topics included, along with the word count for each email:

  • Website Speed (631 words)
  • Avoid Tweaking Websites (728 words)
  • Website Accessibility (546 words)
  • Choosing Fonts (794 words)
  • CTAs (517 words)
  • Optimising Images For Web (551 words)
  • Care Plans (725 words)
  • Dark Mode / Light Mode (558 words)
  • When Is It Time For A Redesign? (644 words)
  • Effective Navigation (472 words)
  • ROI Of A Website (576 words)
  • Quality Photography vs Stock Photography (514 words)

Total word count: 7,256 words

Want more? We've got bonuses!

We like to overdeliver with everything that we do. The Web Design Email Pack is no different.

We’ve included 3 special bonuses for you when you purchase today.

An Extra Email (13 emails total)

We’ve included an extra email in the Web Design Email Pack to make 13 emails in total.

The 13th email is on the topic of “Professional Web Design Over DIY”. It’s 756 words in length, taking the total word count for the 13 emails to over 8,000 words.

The Pseudo Newsletter

You’ll get access to a 20 minute tutorial video showing you how to set up a newsletter that isn’t really a newsletter. Sounds interesting right?

It’s a smart way of running a newsletter without the stress of needing to write and prepare content every single week.

How To Sell A Website Redesign

The final bonus is a video and email template that will help you to sell a website redesign to your existing clients.

We’ve created a template that you can use to email your clients and reach out to them about a potential redesign of their site.

Perfect with the Funnel Pack

At this point, you’re likely fully aware about Funnel Packs and how they can help your agency to generate more leads.

Just in case you aren’t, or you’ve never heard from us before, here’s a quick recap:

A Funnel Pack is a pre-built marketing funnel that you can set up for your agency. They’re available for 20 different services and can be set up on your website in under an hour.

The Web Design Funnel Pack is the most popular Funnel Pack that we’ve created thus far. That’s understandable, as it’s obviously going to be one of the most common services that a digital agency provides.

Our new Web Design Email Pack will fit in perfectly with the end of the Funnel Pack.

Your leads can join your newsletter and continue to receive value through the 12 pre-written email newsletters inside the pack.

That’s 3 months of push-button content if you’re sending out weekly emails, or you can stretch it out longer if you send at a slower frequency.

Email marketing just got easier

Ready to make your life easier when it comes to nurturing your audience?

That’s the whole point with everything that we create here at Nurture Copy™. We aim to make your life easier through the creation of high-quality, engaging and valuable content.

We’re ready to do this again for you now, with our brand new Web Design Email Pack.

Your purchase today secures access to 12 pre-written newsletter emails that you can use to nurture, engage and delight your audience.

With our included bonuses, you’ll have an extra email to bring that total up to 13 newsletter emails.

In addition, you’ll get access to our 20 minute video training on how to set up a pseudo newsletter. It’s the newsletter that isn’t really a newsletter, but looks and feels like it to your readers.

Finally, you’ll have a bonus video and template that you can use to position and sell a website redesign to your existing clients.

All of this for just $99. It’s a steal.

Web Design Email Pack

$ 99
  • 12 pre-written newsletter emails
  • Perfect for nurturing your audience
  • Walkthrough video
  • Bonus: 13th Email on Web Design
  • Bonus: The Pseudo Newsletter
  • Bonus: How To Sell A Website Redesign
  • Private Facebook Group

I want another topic!

We’ve had some questions about other topics for Email Packs.

This pack is focused on Web Design – hence why all of the emails relate back to web design topics or strategies.

The initial pre-sales goal for this pack was reached in less than 2 days. We were delighted with how popular our product is.

We can confirm that additional topics relating to digital agency services will be considered in the near future, as we plan out more Email Packs.

If you have a suggestion of anything that you’d like to see, send us over an email to support@nurturecopy.com.


Please find some answers to your questions below. If there’s anything we haven’t answered, you can reach out to us on support@nurturecopy.com, or click the bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.

We’ve created Nurture Copy™ specifically for digital agency owners, designers and marketers. The content of our products is centred around topics and areas related to these business types.

For this specific product, it’s ideal for you if you offer Web Design as a service.

More importantly, it’s ideal if you care about nurturing your audience and growing stronger relationships. That could be a better relationship with an existing client or with the next new lead that contacts you.

Our goal is to help you when you struggle to find enough time in your day or you get stuck staring at a blinking cursor.

The obvious first answer is that this is a one-off purchase, rather than an on-going subscription.

In an ideal world we’d recommend that you have both, as that gives you a wealth of content that you can use in your business. But we appreciate that’s not always possible for everyone.

This Web Design Email Pack is a pack of 12 pre-written newsletter emails that are specifically on topics relating to Web Design. It’s laser focused, so if your main service is offering Web Design to your clients, it could be the perfect option for you.

With a subscription, we offer a variety of topics each month. This is of course great for when you’re offering multiple services and you serve a range of client needs, but you won’t get the same focus as you do with this pack.

No. These are brand new emails that have been created specifically for the Web Design Email Pack.

You’ll continue receiving the same great content that you do each month, with topics such as Web Design, SEO, E-Commerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Marketing and so on.

This is a standalone pack of 12 emails that are laser focused on the topic of Web Design.

Do we recommend you purchase them? Absolutely if Web Design is a core focus area for you.

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email that gives you access to the Nurture Copy™ member’s dashboard.

If you’re an existing customer you can login immediately. For new customers, you’ll be asked to set a password.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find the Web Design Email Pack on your dashboard.

Yes, you’ll receive all of the emails from the Web Design Email Pack at once.

You’ll also have immediate access to the three bonuses that we’re offering.

They’ll be delivered to you in the Nurture Copy™ member’s dashboard.

The main purpose of the content is so that you can engage and deliver value to your audience via email marketing.

Our emails are provided for you to carry out email marketing activities for your own business. Emails can be sent out through your email marketing software or you can manually send them to individual members of your audience.

We do not permit the use of any of our provided content for any other purposes unless explicitly stated.

For example, you may not copy and paste one of our emails into a blog post. We’re happy for you to be inspired by the email content, but you must write the blog post entirely in your own words.

This purchase is specifically for 12 emails on topics that relate to Web Design.

We are delighted with the success of this product and the interest we’ve had from our customers.

We are currently creating Email Packs for other digital agency service-based topics.

Our long-term goal would be to have an Email Pack for every one of the 20+ Funnel Packs that we’ve created.

We have a 7 day money back guarantee, which will start from the day that you purchase the product.

We want you to be happy with your purchase and to love the content just as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

If you should find that you’re not enjoying the content, please send an email to support@nurturecopy.com and we’ll take care of you.

All refunds are processed in accordance with our refund policy.