What do you get inside Nurture Copy?

Monthly Emails

Acorn / Oak / forest

You’ll receive between 4-8 emails each month (depending on your plan level), that you can send out to your audience as part of your email marketing efforts.

These emails can be sent out “as is”, or you can customise them to suit your brand, your offer and your audience.

Emails will be written on a mixture of topics, with the intention that they can easily be customised to suit the different services that you offer in your business.

Don’t worry… you’re not going to get all of the emails written about really specific E-Commerce functionality, for example, as that doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t offer an E-Commerce service.

Email Subjects

Acorn / Oak / forest

Each monthly email that you receive will have at least one subject suggestion for it.

Customers that sign up for the Acorn plan will receive one suggested email subject per email.

For the Oak and Forest plans, we’ll also be including subject suggestions with different tones. E.g. warm, professional, playful etc.

Blog Post Ideas

Acorn / Oak / forest

Each monthly email will have a blog post idea to go alongside it. This is provided for all plans.

Each blog post idea will comprise of a topic, a description of what the post could be about, guided bullet points for inspiration and a title suggestion.

It’s important to note here that the license for our product does not allow for any emails or content that we provide to be pasted straight into a blog post.

You can be inspired by our content, but anything that you create will need to be in your own words.

Video Walkthrough

Acorn / Oak / forest

You’ll get a walkthrough video every month that covers the emails that we’ve created for that particular month.

In the video we’ll share any suggestions that we have and ideas for customisation options.

The walkthrough video is designed to help you tweak the emails to suit the different services that you offer, as well as to highlight any key areas of importance.

Bonus Tips

Acorn / Oak / Forest

We’ll be providing bonus tips each month to all subscribers.

These will be delivered in the member’s dashboard and also in our customer Facebook group.

Bonus tips will comprise of short videos, audio clips and written tips that will help you with your email marketing.

Any Funnel Packs™ customers should already be aware of the type of content we put together for this.

Vault Access


The vault is a special feature and something that is specific to the Forest plan.

In here we’ll be providing extra special bonus content such as email sequences, white label products, extra emails and more. Maybe even the odd lead magnet…

The collection of items in the vault will be growing over time. We hope that within a few months, it’ll be one of your favourite resources that you own.

Monthly Tutorial

Oak / forest

Subscribers to the Oak and Forest plans get a monthly tutorial delivered each month.

Monthly tutorials are focused on topics such as email automation, telling stories, quick wins and more.

The purpose of the tutorials is to make your life easier and improve your email marketing skills.

Private Facebook Group

Acorn / Oak / Forest

All subscribers have access to our private customer facebook group.

The Facebook group is a place where all of our customers can join, hang out, ask questions, share ideas and have fun.

We’ll be offering regular challenges and accountability tasks in the group, as well as the bonus tips mentioned above.

Quarterly Mini Course


The last feature on the list is also an exclusive for Forest plan subscribers.

We’re creating and releasing a mini course every quarter – so 4 times per year. The first mini course will be released in January 2021.

Mini courses are aimed at levelling up your email marketing knowledge and delivering value that can be actioned immediately in your business. They’ll be up to an hour in length – so nice and easy to digest.

More? You Decide...

We’ll be updating and adding in more features as Nurture Copy™ grows.

We always like to continue to deliver value so expect to see more as we grow and the product develops further.

Our product will be subscriber led. We are happy to listen to the thoughts and suggestions of our customers.

Ultimately, we want this to be the best product to help you nurture and grow relationships with your existing clients and also your new leads.

Time to make a choice

You’ve seen the features and all of the things that you can get each month from Nurture Copy™.

Now it’s time for you to make a choice.

Do you want to nurture your audience and deliver value to their inboxes?

You do? Awesome – head over to the pricing page and let’s get started.

Ready to join the adventure?

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