Black Friday Deals We Love

It’s that time of the year again when every second email contains an irresistible offer. Black Friday is upon us, and you can feel your wallet burning. 

There’s one small problem though. Not all offers are the same, and not every deal is one that you need, as tempting as they might be! 

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the offers we recommend, of products we trust, by people we like. No affiliate links, just products we think will help you.

Let’s take a look at the offers worth spending your hard-earned money on this year.

Funnel Packs

Offer: 40% off all Funnel Packs

Funnel Packs is the sister brand to Nurture Copy, run by us. (Mel and Matt)

Funnel Packs are pre-built marketing funnels that digital agency owners, designers and marketers can use to generate more leads for their business.

There are 20 Funnel Packs to choose from, covering a wide range of services. From Web Design to SEO and even Conversion Rate Optimisation.

We’ve helped over 1,200 agency owners, designers and marketers since we launched in April 2019.

We are offering a 40% discount off all Funnel Packs. The popular 5 Pack Offer is available at the lowest ever price of $352.80. You can also get the brand new Nurture Bundle, which contains both Funnel Packs & Nurture Copy content.

Deal runs from Nov 10th to Nov 30th

My Web Audit

Offer: Get 50% off for 3 months on monthly plans or 3+ months free on annual plans.

Clifford Almeida and his team are behind the wonderful My Web Audit, a tool that helps you to generate more leads by creating beautiful and comprehensive website audits that allow leads to take action. 

And it doesn’t stop at Website Audits either! My Web Audit also offers Landing Page Audits, E-Commerce Audits, On Page SEO Audits, Page Speed Insights, and much more. Every audit report is professionally written, and crafted to convert so you can use them with confidence in your digital agency. 

Don’t miss out on their amazing Black Friday deal. Get 50% off for 3 months on monthly plans or 3+ months free on annual plans.

Deal runs from Nov 19th to Nov 30th

Sell By Helping

Offer: 40% off the Sell By Helping Course

Are you an agency owner who loves to deliver the best work to their clients, but struggles with the dreaded sales meeting? If you find some of the usual sales tactics too “manipulative”, and want a better approach, then Nick Gulics course is for you. 

As Nick himself says “Sales don’t need to suck”. The Sell By Helping course focuses on helping, rather than employing sneaky sales tactics. The result is a stronger relationship with your client, a more confident you in a sales meeting, and a value-based approach to everything you do. 

Nick draws from his 15+ years in sales and running his own business, so everything he talks about is backed by real life experience. 

Matt and I purchased his course, and we fully recommend it! 

Nick is offering his Sell By Helping course for a whopping 40% off. If you want your sales meeting to run more smoothly, then this should be the first offer you pick up. 

Deal runs from Nov 13th to Nov 30th

Corey Dodd

Offer: 40% off the Learn Oxygen Builder Course

If you’re not a developer, you’re new to Oxygen and you want to learn how to build fully customised websites, then Corey’s course is for you. 

With this course, you will learn through a step-by-step process that covers creating an amazing and fast loading website from scratch. You don’t need to worry about complicated code, or have access to a plethora of add-ons, Corey breaks everything down into easy-to-follow steps. 

The Learn Oxygen Builder Course takes the fuss out of building a custom website by taking you through the whole process from start to finish and we highly recommend it. 

Get 40% of this Black Friday with the coupon code “BF21” and learn to build stunning custom Oxygen websites.

Deal runs from Nov 16th to Dec 1st

Content Snare

Offer: 20% off any plan

There’s nothing more stressful than having your information scattered across emails, tucked away in folders, and generally lost to some alternate dimension somewhere in the office. 

Content Snare is a software service that allows you to collect and compile all of your information in one place. You and your clients can stay on the same page, letting you wave goodbye to miscommunication, information clutter and forgotten documents. 

It’s the perfect solution for any agency owner who needs to tame the chaos and ease the frustration of disorganised documents and confused clients! 

During this Black Friday promotion, you can enjoy 20% off any plan as long as your subscription remains active. Inside your account, go to the upgrade page and use code “BF21” before December 3. 

Deal runs from Nov 26th to Dec 3rd

Agency Trailblazer

Offer: 50% off the Trailblazer Project Discovery Blueprint

A successful project discovery session is invaluable to your project running smoothly from start to finish. For many agency owners, getting the right information from their clients can be an uphill battle, and they end up quoting a price far below what the project demands.  

Lee Jackson has created a blueprint that helps agency owners to overcome this problem. He has provided a framework that any agency owner can use to ensure they avoid scope creep when they price their next web build!  

Avoid project discovery overwhelm with the highly recommended Trailblazer Project Discovery Blueprint. Enjoy 50% off with the coupon code “BFCM2021”

Deal runs from Nov 26th to Nov 29th

Nurture Copy

Offer: Special Yearly Discount (12 months for the price of 8)

Oh hey, it’s us!

Nurture Copy is a pre-written email marketing service for digital agency owners, designers and marketers. 

Each month you get emails, blog post ideas, video tutorials, and more. Customers on the Forest plan get access to the Vault – which is a secret place full of some of the best resources that we offer!

Since launching in December 2020, we’ve helped over 250 digital agency owners, designers, and marketers with their email marketing.

We’re offering a special price on yearly plans. You can get 12 months of content for the price of 8. There is also a 10% recurring discount on any monthly plans. If you’re not yet sure about jumping in, there’s a $10 taster option – where you get a month of the Acorn plan. Finally, there’s an opportunity to purchase Funnel Packs & Nurture Copy content together in the brand new Nurture Bundles

Deal runs from Nov 10th to Nov 30th

Umbrella Digital Media

Offer: 50% off The Website Identity Framework (The WIF)

Getting content from your clients can be like trying to coax a cat out of a cardboard box. It’s a near-impossible task when your client finds it difficult to compile everything they need and as a result, the project gets put on hold. Every digital agency owner has experienced this pain at least once before.  

That’s why Imogen Allen has created the amazing Website Identify Framework (WIF). The WIF is a must-have whitelabel framework that puts a stop to the endless wait for content and helps to get your projects back on track. 

The WIF is a shareable document that includes actionable steps which allow your client to easily provide content and work together with you to move the project forward. 

Imogen is offering an amazing 50% discount on the WIF. Use the coupon code “BFWIF21”.

Deal runs from Nov 22nd to Nov 30th


Offer: 30% off White Label Maintenance For Life

Website maintenance takes up an agency owner’s most precious commodity – time. You could be spending this time scaling your business, and taking it to new heights. Instead, you’re spending your nights and weekends running maintenance work. Productive days are interrupted with urgent fixes when an update goes wrong, or a scheduled security update comes along just when you’re on a roll. 

What if all of that could be taken care of while you focus on scaling?

The GoWP Maintenance Plan takes the tedious, low value work right off your plate so that you can free up your high value time. With 30% off the lifetime plan, it’s a no brainer. 

Deal runs from Nov 22nd to Nov 30th


Offer: 2 free licenses for new web agency partners

Privacy policies are crucial in today’s climate. Knowing what to include in those can be overwhelming. Get it wrong, and you could face some legal trouble. This often makes many agency owners freeze in their tracks when it comes to creating a privacy compliant contact form on their website. 

Hans and Donata, the awesome people behind Termageddon, take all of the overwhelm out of it for you.

Termageddon offer auto-updating privacy policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, and EULAs that you can use in your agency, and even re-sell to your clients. 

This Black Friday, Termageddon are offering two free license for new web agency partners. 

Deal runs from Nov 17th to Nov 29th

WP Care Market

If you run care plans for your clients, or you’re just starting out, Kristina Romero of WP Care Market offers top of the line training for digital agencies and web professionals. Her courses and training use a proven model that you can start implementing immediately. 

Kristina offers a wide range of courses available to purchase individually, or if you’re the type who wants to absorb all of the wonderful training that Kristina has to share, there are bundles available too! 

Visit WP Care Market Training for Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on their most popular training for perfecting care plans, processes, sales, automation, as well as a brand new course on lead outreach and conversion. Just use the coupon code “bf2021” for 40% off!

Deal runs from Nov 22nd to Nov 30th

Nev Harris

Offer: Profit + Impact Accelerator Soft Launch Special 

For freelancers and digital agency owners who are looking to simplify their finances while growing their profits, Nev Harris’s course is one to pick. It’s perfect for anybody who runs a mile when they need to manage their numbers. 

The Profit + Impact Accelerator is a 6 week, on demand course created to deliver training through easy to use templates that allow you to simplify your finances and breathe a sigh of relief.  Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have everything you need to know to grow your profits and spend your precious time on what matters to you.

Nev is offering a huge 80% discount off the Profit + Impact Accelerator course. Use the coupon code “BF21”.

Deal runs from Nov 24th to Nov 29th

Split Hero

Offer: 40% discount on new yearly plans and a 10% discount on monthly plans.

Split Hero is a software platform that helps you to run split tests on your WordPress site.

You’ve heard of A/B testing before right? It’s when you test two pages to see which performs better with your audience. 

Split Hero will dynamically redirect users to Page A or Page B. In fact they’ll do C or D as well if you have four variations. The conversions are measured through your campaign and then you’ll be presented with a winner.

If you care about increasing your conversions, you need to pay attention to what Adam Lacey and his team are doing with Split Hero.

Deal runs from Nov 23rd to Nov 30th

Creator Courses

Offer: Last Time To Get Courses without Membership, 33% Off

This is the last time that Creator Courses will be offering their courses on an individual basis before their site becomes membership based . During the Black Friday sale, you can get 33% off everything before December 1st. This includes their courses and the annual membership for the Creator Crew. 

Joe also runs the popular How I Built It podcast, which at the time of writing has reached 243 episodes. He talks to tech savvy business owners about how their ideas came to life.

Once the sale ends, Creator Courses will be membership only, so don’t miss out on their offer this year! 

Deal runs from Nov 26th to Nov 30th


Offer: 40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans

Cloudways are one of the leading cloud-based hosting platforms and for good reason too. It’s well known among agency owners and e-commerce businesses alike for its scalability, user-friendliness, and fantastic customer support. Their managed hosting offers great reliability which takes the stress away from you, and frees up your precious time. 

This Black Friday, you can avail of an incredible 40% OFF for four months on all Cloudways hosting plans. 

Use the coupon code BFCM2021 to kickstart your digital journey and enjoy a stellar hosting platform. 

Deal runs from Nov 23rd to Dec 1st

Pathfinder SEO

Offer: 25% Off Your First 6 Months & All Services at Pathfinder SEO

SEO. Some of us love it (Matt), others go running for the hills in terror (Mel). Wherever you are in your SEO journey, there’s one irrefutable fact: SEO is crucial to growing your business. As the hill running type, anything that helps me to improve my rather sub-par skills is a welcome addition to my toolkit!

The Pathfinder SEO offer is great for any agency owner, freelancer, or site owner who wants to improve their SEO skills. The good news is that there’s no better time to sign up for a guided approach to SEO with Pathfinder with 25% off your first 6 months.

Deal runs from Nov 1st to Nov 30th

Demystifying SEO

Offer: 33% discount on both the Demystifying Course and the two advanced modules.

If you’re somebody who wants to learn and deliver SEO to your clients, then Pete Everitt’s Demystifying SEO course is an excellent choice for you. While Pete promises to take the mystique out of SEO, his course is pretty magic!

Demystifying SEO is a 6 module course that takes you through the process of SEO and importantly, on demonstrating a return on investment. There are also two additional Advanced modules that cover ‘How to sell SEO’ and ‘Designing an SEO Strategy that works.

If SEO is on your agency for 2022, check out Pete’s course!

You can enjoy a 33% discount on both the Demystifying Course and the two advanced modules with the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY21”.

Deal runs from Nov 15th to Nov 30th

Josh Hall Co LLC

Offer: 25% OFF all Web Design Courses

If you’re looking to grow a profitable web design business, then these courses could be for you. Josh Hall offers a huge variety of courses for all things web design. 

Beginners and experts alike can gain a lot of value from Josh’s courses. He provides helpful guidance on what order you should take each course depending on where you are in your web design journey, so you won’t be left wondering what to choose. 

All content is up-to date too, so you don’t need to worry about old, irrelevant content when you start learning.

You can enjoy 25% off any web design course during the Black Friday sale. No need for a coupon either, all sales are automatic!

Deal runs from Nov 22nd to Nov 30th

No Stress WordPress (DIY)

Offer: DIY version of the No Stress WordPress course for just $97

Dave Foy’s No Stress WordPress course is back and available for one last time.

No Stress WordPress is an Elementor based course that Dave has taught to many students from around the world.

He no longer uses Elementor and a few parts of the course are out-of-date, thanks to Elementor UI changes over the past year or so. Hence the “DIY” version of the course now being available at a very special price. DIY in this case means that there is no on-going support provided. You get full access to the course, but there’s no Facebook community or additional support offered.

Deal runs from Nov 26th to Nov 29th

Creative Boost

Offer: Foundations of Website Accessibility Course + $2,500 in Bonuses

Web accessibility is an ever-expanding topic. Now more than ever, it’s becoming a vital component in every web design project. 

Many digital agency owners don’t know where to start when it comes to discussing website accessibility with their clients. It can be a pretty grey area! 

Colleen Gratzer of Creative Boost has created the Foundations Of Web Accessibility Course to help digital agency owners cut through the confusion, and learn to sell accessibility with confidence. Her step-by-step process is delivered in a plain English format, helping you to move forward with a better understanding of accessibility. Her methods are so easy to follow, you can get up to speed in as little as two days!

Colleen is providing $2,500 in bonuses when you purchase the Foundations of Website Accessibility Course.

Deal runs from Nov 26th to Nov 30th

Service Provider Pro

Service Provider Pro

Offer: 2 Months Free On Agency Client Portal Software

Every agency needs a proper system that helps them to stay organised. The Agency Client Portal by Service Provider Pro offers a way to keep your services streamlined, keeping your clients happy, and giving you time to scale. 

Agency Client Portal Software makes project management easy. It allows your clients to check on orders, tickets and invoices so they easily can keep track of their full history. It also works effortlessly with email, cutting out the added hassle of manually messaging a client with updates. You can use your own domain and branding with it. You can modify the menus so that it fits with your brand. And for anybody who has owned an agency, you know that’s a huge time saver!

Service Provider Pro is offering two months free on Agency Client Portal Software for Black Friday. 

Deal runs from Nov 18th to Nov 29th


Offer – $50 off + free Advanced Promotion (a $149 total value)

Branding is a huge part of every business. From a business name to visual assets, branding covers a wide gamut of elements. It can be extremely overwhelming to know how to bring all of those together to create a cohesive voice. 

Crowdspring can help you with that!

Crowdspring is used by thousands of agencies to create custom names and visual assets for their clients without incurring capital expenses for their agency. You can enjoy 7-day customer support and a 100% money-back guarantee too. 

Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday get $50 off any project + free Advanced Promotion (a $149 total value).

Deal runs from Nov 18th to Nov 23rd

Quick Start Roadmapping

Offer: Quick Start Roadmapping

Writing proposals is a time-consuming process, and for many agency owners, they don’t get paid for that time. We all know the frustration that comes with carefully crafting the perfect proposal, only for the potential client to take a cursory glance and move on to something else.

Kai David has written a book that helps agency owners to do away with writing free proposals in their business. 

Kai’s Quick Start Roadmapping book is available along with 14+ Roadmapping resources, a video interview and a pre-recorded Webinar with Q&A. There’s also an additional option that includes a 1-1 Strategy Call, if you prefer a conversation!

Deal runs from Nov 22nd to Nov 30th


Offer: Lifetime Access to the Amplify Content Academy (At a discount!)

If the term “content marketing” sends you into a tailspin of panic when it comes to creating your own, then there’s a solution for you. 

The Amplify Content Academy is the home of highly effective content marketing. They teach you how to write less often, and leverage content assets via high conversions, distribution, and more.

Always being updated, this special offer gives you lifetime access to the academy and all future courses, at a bargain price.

Take a look at the discount that Daniel has to offer on lifetime access to the Amplify Content Academy. 

Deal runs from Nov 19th to Nov 24th

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